Stage Case is a hands-on teaching tool for technical theatre, design and devised theatre. Each face has specific action points for students to think about when creating their own work including for printed stage layouts, acting positions, centre line, offstage areas, set, lighting and costume.   

Stage Case is a 12mm ply box with removable clear Perspex masking, drapes and stage clothes which are all etch labelled so students can play with sight lines. Each side has a magnetic removable panel that allows easy access and so students can see the stage from all sides. There is a drawer under stage to keep the 'In the Round' and 'Traverse' 3d stage layouts for students to understand different performance layouts and the Jewlery box at the front to keep model lights, platforms and people becomes a thrust section. 

Custom magnetic lighting units.

Light the space using different lantern positions

Printed 3D renders on the lid allow students to see how lantern position affects a performer so when they devise their exam pieces they can explain to teachers what they are looking to achieve. Using the 1:25 scale model people they can explore their lighting ideas with the magnetic LED lights to create the scenes they want. 

Overall is a perfect tool for kinaesthetic learning as an introduction into stage craft.

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